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Poor Erik the Elf, he has been so busy working for Santa, making all those toys for children around the world that he has never had a Christmas!

Don't worry Erik, the children at Thames View Infants will help you to understand what Christmas means.

Have a seat Erik, a cup of cocoa and a mince pie and enjoy...

What Christmas means to us 2012.


Here's Lions, Erik you know about Santa's list.  Well, so do Lions, for them Christmas means being REALLY good!


Gorillas are busy getting everything ready for Christmas, decorating the tree, sending the Christmas cards, writing a letter to Santa. 

Erik, how many letters do you get for Santa each year?

Did you get mine?


Erik, being at home with family, friends and people that care about us is really important at Christmas time too.  We can't always be with the ones we love but we think about them at this special time.

That's what Snakes want to show you in their dance.


Having fun with friends Erik, a party and a boogie.  Koalas are all getting ready for the big Christmas party.

Do the Elves and Santa have a party?

I wonder what kind of party food you have?


Oh Erik, Zebras are all waiting, waiting patiently for Santa to arrive.

Remember Santa likes everyone to be in bed early on Christmas Eve.


How many sleeps left now?


Squirrels are just like Snakes, they want to be home for Christmas.


Were will you be for Christmas Erik? 


Hippos are having a dance.  They love to party at Christmas Erik.

Erik, what is your favourite party song? (Mine is the Cha cha slide)!


Giraffes thought long and hard about what Christmas means to them. They came up with the longest list in the world (I saw it, it was extremely long)! 

After 2 weeks of thinking they decided that EVERYTHING was important at Christmas, from decorations to parties, being with family, presents, mince pies, being good...........


Owls are hoping that it snows so they can go sledging, slipping and sliding around.

Snow and playing outside is great fun isn't it?

I hope you get some free time at Christmas, now all the toys are made, what games will you play in the snow?


Pandas are off to a Christmas party.  That's what Christmas means to them.

Erik, how do you feel about Christmas now?

Are we helping you to understand what it is all about?


Tigers want you to know that Christmas is all about LOVE.  Sharing, being kind and loving each other.

Erik, we hope all our families spend time with their loved ones during this special holiday.


Here are Foxes Erik, they are here to let you know that traditions are a big part of Christmas.

Each family has different ways of celebrating that are traditional to them.

Erik, we do hope you have a brilliant Christmas and we hope that we have helped you to understand what Christmas means to us.

We wish you and all our families and friends at Thames View Infants a restful and relaxing Holiday a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

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