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For this Year's Christmas Concert, Sophie and the School Choir decided to change the words to the "Twelve Days of Christmas"! As leaders, they decided that each class would instead bring their own gift on each of the twelve days...


So, Mr Ali and Tigers brought 1 Santa Claus on the First Day.


On the second day, Mrs Hunter and Pandas brought 2 Peaceful Doves.

On the third day, Miss McIntyre and Squirrels brought 3 snowy sleigh rides.

On the fourth day, Owls brought 4 chirping robins.

On the fifth day, Miss Boyce and Giraffes brought 5 Christmas Trees.
On the sixth day, Mrs Waters and Koalas brought 6 puppets dancing.

On the seventh day, Miss Skedd and Snakes brought 7 ringing bells.
On the eighth day, Miss Torres and Zebras brought 8 snow flakes falling.
On the ninth day of Christmas, Miss Corcoran-Jones and Lions brought 9 Christmas parties.
On the tenth day, Miss Wright and Foxes brought 10 boogie-woogies.
On the eleventh day, Mr Iqbal and Hippos brought 11 rocking Santas!
On the twelfth day of Christmas, Mr Wood and Gorillas brought 12 Wonderland walks.
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