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Wilderness Garden 2012 (Gardeners world)

London Wildlife Trust has been helping us to make our very own wilderness garden.

All classes have helped by sowing seeds, planting trees and taking care of this area. We hope to use it throughout the year to encourage children to look at different bugs, insects and habitats, as well as taking care of plants and shrubs.






This is our Wilderness space. At the moment its a blank canvass.

Children in Year 1 helped by sowing seeds into the soil. This will grow into an edible hedge over time, and the children will be able to eat the fruits of their labour.


We looked at the life cycle of plants and shrubs.

We drew our own pictures and looked closely at how this will be happening in our wilderness garden throughout the year.

This will give the children first-hand, exciting and interesting experiences that they will hopefully remember for a long time.


We had to measure the space available to work out how many seeds to plant.