special events

Easter Bonnet Parade 2016

Welcome to the Thames View Infants Easter Bonnet Parade 2016. This year it was our turn to host and we led the parade with Chestnuts Nursery followed by Thames View Juniors. What a fantastic day it was. Everyone lined the streets to cheer us on as we paraded past, despite the cold. So many lovely bright hats. Have a look at our photos. How many splendid Easter Bonnets can you see and which one is your favourite?

Who is this behind the mask?... There were lots of colourful bonnets and masks. Zebras class leading out the Year 1's
Look at all those colourful bonnets. Here's Kurtis leading Hippo's along the parade.
Chestnuts joined in too. Look how long the parade is..
More colourful bonnets... Can you see your favourite? Majid leading his Gorilla's class along the parade
Getting ready to cross the road. Making our way to the shops.
Look who we bumped into..... its Paul, giving us a wave Isiah with his colourful bonnet
Annette having a dance to the music from the steel band We made it to the shops.... Lots of mums & dads cheering us on our way
Tigers making their way round the shops. Time to head back to school..
Look how long the line is... Back in school.. Whats next??
Paul Telling us the story of easter. What does it mean for you? Here is Claire in her colourful coat and bonnet