Foundation Stage Links

Espresso (from within School only)


Google Maps

General FS Links

Early ICT Website

P. B. Bear's Adventures (from within School only)

Animal Homes

Fimble Stories

Designing Things

The Room Lab

Teletubbies Animal Parade (PSHE)

Saying Sorry (PSHE)

Fun with Spot (PSHE)

The Little Animals Dance Game (Physical Development)

The Hoobs (Maths & KUW)

The Lady Bird Site

Traditional Tales and Nursery Rhymes

The Little Animals Activity Centre

Early Birds Music

Northumberland LEA (Control)

Keyboard Practise

Butterfly Gallery

Boohbah (SEN/Motor Skills)

Rooney Design (KUW/DT)

Kids Psych


RI/CW's Fairytale Characters

RI/CW's Jungle Animals

RI/CW's Asteroid Counting Game

RI/CW's Minibeast Game

RI/CW's Transport Types Game

Visiting Marsh Farm