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TVI Top Tips 4 Learning

Our teachers have made special podcasts for you, explaining special "Top Tips" for when learning at home. Watch each one with your family and then come back to us with any questions you might have.  Enjoy!





Practical subtraction in Reception



TVI TV! Top Tips Taking away with 2 digit numbers that cross 10

Addition with 2 digit numbers that cross 10


Knowing number bonds to 20
Taking away using a number line
TVI TV! Adding tens and units
Adding up amounts of money - beyond £1
Top Tips: Fractions

Making reading fun at home - Nursery

Reading at home with your child
Learning high frequency words at home
Reading Pink & Red band books
Reading Yellow & Blue band books
Extending Reading in Reception




Adjectives adverbs and connectives
Good handwriting

Other Learning

Developing Memory and Concentration
Use a knife and fork!
Eating Health in Reception
Connecting your netbook to the internet