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2010 Thames View

Head Teacher


Due to the General Election that took place we decided to hold our own election to vote for a new Head Teacher for one day. Here are some pictures to show what happened.

Here are our four candidates from year 2.  
We had question time during assembly, where we asked the candidates about there policies
  Here are the polling booths where we had to vote.





The candidates were at the polling booth trying to win votes.   Mrs. Brophy and Alistair had to tick our names of the list so they knew we voted.   The winner of the election was Kirsty!



Kirsty held assembly with the other candidates when she was head teacher for the day.

  When Kirsty was head teacher for the day, she decided we should all do cooking.   Owl class made rocky road. It was lots of fun! Thank you Kirsty!
See how the whole day was reported within the Barking and Dagenham Post