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Westcliff On-Sea 2010


We visited the train station at Westcliff to look at other ways to travel to the seaside. How do you travel to the seaside?


Do you know what this is? Yes you're right, its a guest house. A guest house is somewhere you can stay over night, when you visit the seaside.


Mmm...yummy ice-cream. Ice-cream helps us to keep cool when its hot at the seaside and its also yummy too! What's your favourite flavour?


We sat on the green grass behind the beach to eat our lunches. Can you remember what you ate for lunch?


Can you guess what this person is doing?

  Some of the children from Gorilla's worked as a team to create a giant sandcastle!
We collected shells and pebbles in our buckets.   Giraffe class are showing us their happy smiles on the beach.  

Look at all the shells I've found, they are different colours, patterns and sizes. What did the shells you collected look like?


Some children from Zebra class did some dig, dig, digging, with our spades!

  Look at how much fun Miss Sterzl is having with her class!  

The year one teachers were pleased to see the sunshine at Westcliff!


We travelled to the seaside on a large coach. We all fastened our seat belts to keep safe on our coach.

  Gorillas class put on their best smiles outside the Westcliff train station!  

We ate our lunch and completed our drawings of things we could see in Westcliff. What did you see in Westcliff that we don't have in Barking?


Wow, we are having fun making sand angels!

  We tip-toed close to the shore to look for crabs. Did you find any crabs?  

We saw some hotels. These are places where people can stay when they visit the seaside. Have you ever stayed in a hotel?

Tigers enjoyed their sandwiches before they had fun on the beach.   Our favourite part of the day was playing on the smooth, sandy beach. Have you ever made a sandcastle?   What a fabulous day year 1 had! We were very tired after so much fun!