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At Thames View Infants this year, everyone was Searching for Santa!

The School Council had helped collect everyone's Christmas Lists to give to Father Christmas... but he never turned up!

With the help of each class, Mr Jordan went everywhere to try and find Santa.

Can you remember where he was in the end?


First, Mr Jordan visited Gorillas at the School Party. 

Santa wasn't there!

Next Mr Jordan saw Zebras at the shops, but he couldn't find Santa!
Lions helped Mr Jordan look 'over the rainbow', but Santa wasn't there!

He wasn't at the Zoo either! (Although Hippos were there!)

Tigers were having fun in the forest, but Santa wasn't there!
Mr Jordan was now getting worried that the Children at Thames View Infants wouldn't get any presents from Santa this Christmas! 

The Mums and Dads told Mr Jordan to visit Australia to look for Santa.  It was a long way away... but Mr Jordan couldn't find him!
Everyone shouted out "try the North Pole!".  My Jordan went there, but there was no Santa at all. (It was very cold there!)
Mr Jordan visited Santa's Workshop with Koalas, but no luck!
Mr Jordan got a text from Rudolf!  He met Rudolf and Owls at the stables, but Santa was nowhere to be seen!
After that, Mr Jordan popped into Santa's Sleigh Garage.  Rudolf and Foxes was there, but no Santa.  Mr Jordan was now a bit cross!

Finally, Mr Jordan arrived at Santa's House.

Guess what! Santa was still in his pyjamas, fast asleep.

Mr Hunnako and Pandas decided to sing a song to wake Santa up. 

In the end, Santa woke up and Mr Jordan gave him everyone's Christmas Lists.  Pweh!

Hopefully, if everyone is good and tries their best, they'll all get their presents from Santa this Christmas!

All of the above videos are hosted on our YouTube Page.
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