valuing parents


We cannot emphasise how much we value the support and involvement of parents in all aspects of their child's learning. Children who do best at school are those whose teachers and parents work together and support each other. There will be times when you are unsure about the work we are doing or when you may not agree with us, at such times please come and talk with us. Small concerns often grow into larger problems if not tackled immediately.

Mr. Jordan is usually available in the mornings from 8-30am or you might prefer to make an appointment. Teaching staff will be in the playground each morning to deal with any minor issues, but if you need to talk about your child's progress, please arrange to see them after school when they will be able to give you more time.


You will have an opportunity to meet staff at parents evenings held each term.

We usually hold open meetings over four evenings between 3-15pm and 5-00pm. This allows us to give each parent a reasonable amount of time. Please try to come at these times, but if it is really impossible contact the school and we will make alternative arrangements.


In July all children in the school will receive a written report of their progress in the National Curriculum and all aspects of school life. You will be invited to attend a meeting with your child's teacher to discuss the report and record your views.


Periodically you will receive letters to keep you informed about school activities.


The Agreement sets out the schools commitment to your child and the action parents should take to support us. We take seriously our responsibility to offer your child a good education.

The schools sex education policy is published separately and is available from the school.


Assemblies are held each day. Children are encouraged to think about their relationships and feelings. They consider how we can help and care for each other and look after our environment. They learn about Christianity and other faiths through story and celebration.

Should parents wish to see curriculum documents, DfE circulars or other information about the work of the school, they should contact the Headteacher. Where a copy of the document is required, a small charge will be made to cover the cost of copying.

Our school fully embraces the 'Assessment for Learning' agenda. An on-going Record of Achievement is kept throughout the Nursery Year. This helps us to build our understanding of your child's abilities. During Reception, children are assessed using the Foundation Stage Profile (a copy of this document is available at school). We plan work with clear learning intentions and then check to make sure that children have learnt what we intended. This is a regular, on-going, formative assessment process. At other times, we set formal summative tests and tasks to assess children's progress. In the Summer Term, when children are in Year 2, they will be assessed with a series of statutory tasks and tests, previously known as 'SATs'.

Work in the school is guided by the SEN Code of Practice and it is our duty to ensure that children's special educational needs are met; that they have full access to the National Curriculum; and that they are fully included in all aspects of school life. A child with a disability or special need is allocated a place in the school using the same criteria used for all other children.

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